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Support the 5k for $(1)5k Challenge


 5k for $(1)5k Challenge

Money raised will help youth thrive in 2021-2022  

This July, the Foundation for San Mateo County Libraries (FMSCL) Board Members are taking on a 5k for $5k Challenge to give youth a place to learn and thrive.  Board Members will be raising funds by completing a total of 5 kilometers or more of exercise activities and reaching out to their networks to raise funds via Givebutter: 5K for 5K -Foundation for San Mateo County Libraries. 

From July 11 to 18, Board members will be sharing their 5k Challenge experience via social media. Join us in supporting them as they run, walk, swim, bike and more – to raise funds that will help support youth and families programs. They created three teams, Epic, Overdue-rs and Las Reinas Luchadores that represent their passion for books and libraries. Last year, our board raised close to $9,000 to support San Mateo County Libraries and hope to raise $15,000 over the course of the week.

According to Raquel España, executive director, FMSCL, “This past year has been difficult for us all but especially for children and families. Covid Learning Loss has hurt those with the highest need at a rate that is almost double than those with resources.  Through the generous support of our Board and your donations, the 5k for $5k Challenge will help us to raise funds for essential summer programs and year round learning opportunities for early learners. ” 

Programs that will be supported by the 5k for $5k include:

Raising A Reader 

Raising A Reader is a national family engagement program based in the Bay Area. With an evaluation-based method, the program creates a habit of reading at home. Its approach is to develop, practice and maintain habits of sharing books. Families receive training in research-based practices, children take home books weekly to share, and families are connected to their library. In San Mateo County, over 205 classrooms will participate in 2021-2022 serving over 4,000 children and their families.

Big Lift Inspiring Summers

Big Lift Inspiring Summers is an award-winning academic and hands-on learning summer camp. Usually out of reach for low-income families, this program provides Kindergartners through 3rd graders with project-based, STEAM learning activities, healthy meals, exciting field trips, and books to fill home libraries. In summer 2021, over 1,000 children will participate in seven districts throughout the county. 

We asked board members about their team name and how summer programming impacted their lives. Here’s what they had to say:

What does my team name mean to me?

Tanya: Las Reinas Luchadoras is a nod to women Mexican wrestlers who are amazing fighters but who are less known than their male counterparts. We are stealthy and powerful and not to be underestimated or overlooked. We will raise our goal of $5,000 and more!

Jarrett: We are team Epic as our team looked for inspiration from history’s epic literary novels. If I had to choose my favorite epic novel, I would go with The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I have fond memories of reading it in my twenties as I backpacked through Belize with a friend. I always romanticize living in New York City during the jazz age.

Maribel: Las Reinas Luchadoras to me represents empowered women who roll up their sleeves to make a difference and support causes like this one: raising funds and awareness for The Big Lift and Raising a Reader!

Jessie: Our team name represents the ethos of who we are as a board.  We are committed to “overdue-ing” our work and efforts to help our libraries thrive. 

What impact has summer programming had on your life?

Colleen: This year my five year old twins are attending the new Library Explorers Program at the Portola Valley Library.  Because of the pandemic, they have missed their last full year of preschool and this weekly program has been a wonderful way to prepare them for kindergarten in the fall. They love attending and feel comfortable going because they are familiar with the location and love the library! I’m so grateful for San Mateo County Libraries offering this new program.  

Donna: I come from a small village in rural England. There were not many resources but the library was close by. It is through this service when I was a child that I developed a lifelong passion for reading.

Caiti: Summer programming played an important role in my young life.  Summer sports and summer camps helped instill a passion in me for teamwork, meeting new people, and exploring new activities.  I still love these things today!  Summer programs also were an integral way for me to make friends when I was homeschooled for several years in elementary school.  It was a key way for me to make friends and explore the world!

We encourage you to support the 5k for $5K Challenge and stay tuned for updates from our Board Members as they rally their communities, networks and social media to raise funds. Together, we will ensure the continued strength of San Mateo County Libraries and invest in the power of learning to enrich the lives of everyone in our communities. #investinsmcl #5kfor5k @FoundationSMCL #loveyourlibrary

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