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Investing in the Future
of Your Libraries
San Mateo County Libraries community outreach at cycling event

Funded Projects

Thanks to the support of the entire community, the Foundation has the opportunity to donate to San Mateo County Libraries each year to make an impact. Together, we are creating a legacy.  

Summer 2022
The Foundation donated $11,000 to support the Equity through Art Series. 

As part of San Mateo County Libraries 2021-2022 Equity Through Art series in partnership with the County of San Mateo Chief Equity Officer and Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, these library programs highlighted the complex relationship Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) have had living and trying to thrive in San Mateo County. Learn more about the program here.  

Thank you for County of San Mateo Behavioral Health and Recovery Services for providing $11,000 in support of this program. 

Spring 2022
The Foundation donated $75,000 to support Big Lift Inspiring Summers in San Mateo County. 

In the 6th year of the program, Big Lift Inspiring Summers hopes to serve 1,200 children entering Kindergarten through 3rd grade in San Mateo County. Learn more about the program here.  

Thank you for Sares Regis Foundation for providing $10,000 in support of this program. 

Winter 2022
The Foundation donated $25,000 to support the Raising A Reader program in San Mateo County. 

Raising A Reader is a national family engagement program that began in San Mateo County. To learn more about the Raising A Reader program, visit here

Spring 2021
The Foundation provided $55,000 to San Mateo County Libraries to support three projects: Make-It March, Big Lift Inspiring Summers and staff engagement. 

Take and Make It: $10,000 sponsored by Genentech

A special sewable robotic circuit kit kicked off  the annual Make-It March programming for elementary-aged youth to enjoy. These kits, provided through a sponsorship by Genentech were available at all San Mateo County Libraries. 

Big Lift Inspiring Summers

Your generous donations will support healthy snacks/meals, supplies and materials for the over 1,000 students in summer 2021. Learn more about Inspiring Summers here

Staff Engagement 

Library staff have navigated through various changes over the past year and your donations provided a joint gift with the Libraries during National Library Week.

August 2020
The Foundation provided $150,000 to San Mateo County Libraries to support two projects: the Makermobile and the Brisbane Children’s area.

Makermobile: $100,000 funded through Gilead

The Makermobile will serve as a key part of the network of makerspaces. The Makermobile will bring a diverse set of maker activities to libraries and community destinations. These activities will encourage creative failure and teach timeless skills including problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity through STEAM activities. The Makermobile will also build a large, inclusive community of makers. Expected completion date: Summer 2021.

Brisbane New Library Children’s Area: $50,000 funded through Sunlight Giving

The new Brisbane Library Children’s area will include soft seating and an interactive play installation for families to experience the library together. The children’s area will provide a free and welcoming place that invites parents, caregivers and young children to talk, read, sing and play to support early learning.  

Learn how you can get involved at: