Investing in the Future
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Investing in the Future
of Your Libraries
Dr. Ellen Dubois author talk about Women's Suffrage

On Wednesday, November 3, 2021,
Sarah Jaffe share her newest book, Work Won’t Love you Back. 
Get your signed copy of the book now. 

We’ve all heard the saying, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Sarah Jaffe’s book, Work Won’t Love You Back: How Devotion to Our Jobs Keeps Us Exploited, Exhausted, and Alone is both a radical idea and comfort to all who have felt betrayed when their jobs couldn’t match their devotion. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Sarah Jaffe discuss her newest book and take questions from the audience. 

Jaffe—a preeminent voice on labor, inequality, and social movements—debunks the idea that work that you love is not really work, and dismantles the belief that some work should be done out of passion instead of pay. From striking teachers who continue even as budget cuts increase class sizes and shrink resources, interns expected to fulfill the duties of salaried employees, and athletes who are required to carry messages to improve conditions of equality, decency, and respect—often at the sacrifice of their bodies, health, an identity outside of their brand, and for some, their careers. Casting off the myth of a “labor of love,” Jaffe argues, will empower us to work less, demand what our work is worth, and finally be able to figure out what actually gives us joy, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Sarah Jaffe
 is a Type Media Center fellow and an independent journalist covering labor, economic justice, social movements, politics, gender, and pop culture. Jaffe is the author of Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt, the co-host of Dissent magazine’s Belabored podcast, and a columnist at the New Republic and New Labor Forum. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Nation, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and many others. She lives in Philadelphia.

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