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Meet the Board: What was Your Favorite Children’s Book? 

Meet the Board: What was Your Favorite Children’s Book? 

Do you remember your favorite children’s books? Having a library card is all about exploring new worlds, and stories. Sometimes the most impactful stories we remember from our childhood can inspire us long into our adult lives. Enjoying library books with the younger generation can also lead to wonderful memories. 

On this note we wanted to share some inspiration from the dedicated team behind SMCL, we asked our Board Members to share their favorite books when growing up or ones they love to read to their kids. 

Here are some of their responses!


“Winnie the Pooh” (and the gang) by Alan Alexander Milne always made me feel welcomed and loved. He was always so kind and thoughtful until he just didn’t “think” and made some mistakes (always with Rabbit it seemed). I loved books which kick-started my imagination. I will always love this pretend world that was created and continued to seek different worlds in fantasy and science fiction novels by authors such as Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, and Octavia Butler. And at the end of the day, who doesn’t love a good Pooh and friends quote?

I also appreciate books along different points of views such as Katherine Applegate’s novels, “The One and Only Ivan and “Crenshaw”). I am always partial to adventure stories. 



My favorite book as a young reader was the one that introduced me to the amazing and unending world of series chapter books. The book was “Baby-sitters Club, Little Sister, Karen’s Roller Skatesby Ann Martin. Through that book and series, I discovered characters that were like me. I found brave and daring role models, adventures near and far and hobbies that would have otherwise gone untried. Most meaningful was the shared experience and the ups and downs of everyday life as a kid interwoven throughout the books. 

Now as a mom of twin five year old boys, I am excited to read aloud series that I liked as a child and I love finding newer series that fit my kid’s interests.  Currently, we are making our way through the Ramona series” by Beverly Cleary and I’m loving every moment of it.  



My favorite children’s book is “What Do You Do with an Idea?” By Kobi Yamada, illustrated by Mae Besom.  My favorite children’s books are those that teach an evergreen lesson.  Even as an adult, reading this book reminds me to always take pride in what I have to offer the world.






I always remember my mom reading “Goodnight Moon” to me as a child. She still tells me I had memorized the entire book and she couldn’t skip a single line trying to get me to bed a couple minutes early. I loved the artwork and green walls of that house.




 When my kids were young, I loved snuggling with them to read their favorite books. It was a great way to open their eyes to new worlds. I also loved it when they were engrossed on their own, sharing a blanket and “reading” to each other.





Reading to my kids when they were little was really the best time of day.  After the harried days, and after their bath, I loved to sit with my two boys to read treasured children’s stories.  It was a way for us to connect and slow down as a family and explore the world.





Growing up, I was mesmerized by Roald Dahl books and particularly loved George’s Marvelous Medicine from my local library. In my favorite chapter, George makes his ingenious medicine concoction for the first time, mixing up all kinds of vividly-described odd ingredients. What I didn’t know then was how much I would grow to love cooking and baking and I wonder if I saw something of the same creative process in that special book chapter (of course, real cooking and baking have much less dangerous ingredients!). 





Being from England I love reading Julia Donaldson books to my son when he was younger, in particular the Gruffalo. I really enjoy the characters she creates and how the stories come together. Also, the fact the mouse always out smarts all the other animals! 




“My favorite children’s book is “Stellaluna” by Jannell Cannon.  I particularly love the story’s message about forming unconventional and unexpected friendships.  While it certainly has been a while since I have read the book, I believe the message is still true today and is ever more important given today’s cultural landscape”

Sarah Beth

My preschooler has cycled through several favorite books over the past few years. Whether I’m reading in a pouty fish’s voice or as a little blue engine who thinks she can, I have treasured the time we spend together discovering new favorites or rediscovering my favorite childhood stories together. 


What are your favorite children’s books? And how have they impacted you? We’d love to hear from you!